Since my undegraduate days I have been fascinated by Einstein's theory of general relativity. In fact, it was my interest in this area that made me decide to go to graduate school in 1991 and I undertook a Masters by research in Trinity College Dublin in general relativity under the supervision of Prof. Petros Florides.

I focused mainly on solving Einstein's field equations under special cirumstances and discovered solutions for the static electrogravitational field in which there is a functional relationship between the electric and gravitational potentials. These generalize solutions discovered by Herman Weyl and have recently been reconsidered as models for frozen stars under the moniker of "Weyl-Guilfoyle fluids".

More recently, I investigated the structure of isolated stationary relativistic perfect fluids and showed that, under some mild assumptions, they consist of a finite number of cells fibred by invariant annuli or invariant tori.

I hope to return to general relativity in the near future with some new ideas on twistor theory that I have been slowly incubating over the last decade...